Be A Good Submissive And Enjoy Female Domination

Oh dear, you love to be a sub, right? Are you bored with macho activities and want your other part, the gentler one, your female instinct to surface? Have you realized that your soul does not fit into your body? Do you want to feel timid and vulnerable? Do you want to live and experience the joys felt by your female counterpart during sexual intercourse? Do you want to go through the painful sensations gained by a sub in wild sex?

Does the role levied on you by societal norms make you feel restricted? If that’s true, then you should to go through Female domination and explore a new world of pleasure.

Features of female domination

Female domination is the performance of masochistic acts by a female in sexual intercourse generally in a BDSM relationship (Bondage Domination Submission and Masochism). The dominating female is called a dominatrix or a mistress and the male being dominated is called submissive. Here are some features of the kind of relationship which you will definitely enjoy-

  • You are fully dominated and treated as a slave and your dominatrix will surprise you with a new form of pain induction in each session.
  • Your energies are directed at one place where your mistress is treating you and is invested intolerance of pain.
  • BDSM works on the theory of pleasure in pain and you get to experience that very well after being once indulged with a mistress as she teaches you what fun it can be in being dominated by a strict female.

Let your tender face surface and give you the next level of earthly pleasures. Make your mind and submit to a dominatrix to experience the real sensation of Female domination and make your life an abode of pleasure.