iPhone screen repair and replacement

What are the repair options provided to you by the Apple service center?

  • You can send your iPhone for repair: you can either call the company or even contact them online and they will make arrangements to take your phone in for repair.  You can also make some arrangements to get it shipped to the Apple Repair Centre when it is convenient for you. Your phone will be returned to within 3 to 5 working business days.
  • You can bring in your phone for the repair: you will have to get an appointment at an Apple store or any of the authorized Apple service stores and during your visit there they will try and help you with your problem. If your phone is being sent to the Apple store then you can pick it up within 3 to 5 business working days. 
iPhone screen repair

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Most of the iPhone screens crack because of the accidental fall or damages, this is not covered under the Apple warranty and thus they examine your phone and then tell you the price of repair. But if your screen gets cracked because of a manufacturing defect it will definitely be covered under the Apple warranty.

Before going in for an iPhone screen repair remember to get your phone backed up, here are a few steps to go about with that:

  • Make sure your iPhone is connected to the wifi
  • Open your settings and tap your name
  • Tap iCloud and in the available list of devices click on your device
  • Then tap on iCloud Backup and then select backup now

Your iPhone screen repair should be done at an authorized Apple Service Centre even though this might cost you a bit but it will be an advantage rather than taking it to some normal store and getting a cheap repair done, this might affect your phone and it might stop working entirely.