Know The Real You: Sissification

As a matter of fact, we humans were born to be wild and not to be tamed. The societal laws are particularly rigid when it comes to the conduct of males and females. Each gender has rules that are to be strictly complied with and none of them can cross the boundaries. But every human has a right to live a life that is independent of any fear, harm or judgments.



Explore your inner sissy

Still, there are certain people who are ready to stand against all odds to live their desires. Sissification is one such practice that helps you to live a life of your dreams. It is a practice where a male submissive partner dresses up as a woman and gets trained to act in a feminine manner. Sissies are men who are ready to surrender themselves to their kinks and discover a newer version of themselves.

There are a lot of people around us who would want to experiment with their bodies, explore the unknown wild paths of sensuality and discover themselves in the process but hold themselves back because of the norms of the society. It is the fear of complying with the conduct of the society that makes them give up their desires. Such people feel trapped at the end of the day.

About the process

Such men usually transform themselves by means of cross-dressing, make-ups and adopting behaviour that is apparently feminine, be it their postures or mannerisms. The sissy training house is a place where every person can fulfil his desire and can be sure that they will be guided in the process. All the relevant training from dressing adequately to putting on proper makeup to exhibiting elegance and charm is being taught to men.

Sissification is the right choice for people who feel confined adjusting to the norms of society and would want to unleash their real self.