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Window tinting in a car generally refers to the process by which a transparent, thin sheet of film is coated on the inside face of the car’s windows. There are many varieties of tint materials. Some tints may come with slight colour, other many include other properties like UV reflection.  Some tints add a dark, mysterious, stylish, sleek look to your car.

Car Tint Orange County

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Why tint your car?

Tinting is not just for the looks. There are several other valid reasons to tint your car windows. Some of them are given below.

  • Heat reduction: Tinting helps block the entry of thermal rays into your car. Apart from a comfortable temperature, this will save energy by preventing overheating leading to subsequent reduced AC usage.
  • Privacy: Tinting is the best way to keep away from the attention of the surrounding world.
  • UV protection: Excessive exposure to UV rays can cause a lot of serious allergies and skin disorders. Tinting helps block these harmful UV rays.
  • Glare reduction: The tint layer prevents bright light from directly hitting the eyes.
  • Protection: This is an indirect benefit as cars with tinted windows as less likely to be subjected to theft. The tint film makes the glass hard to break

Where to find a good car tint service in Orange County?

The internet is the best way to find such specific services near your area. There are many websites such as the yelp.com that will provide a list of the services providing car tint Orange County. There are companies like SGPmotorsports, OC TintShop, Diamond Tint, etc. that offer high-quality tinting services. You can search online and have a look at prospective websites and get a quote if possible. Compare and pitch prices from several companies against each other till you get a good, satisfactory deal.