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Honda Pilot vs Toyota Highlander: Which is Best For You?

Ah…that the Toyota Highlander vs. the Honda Pilot. That is a Are you currently really thinking an adapting and high-performing SUV is merely what your drives want?

Our Toyota of Huntington staff Wants to Create Your decision Process much simpler. Thus, we chose to generate this highlander versus pilot Honda Pilot SUV contrast. In that, you will discover two SUVs on the very top of their match. Continue reading to find how they stay to another.

Below, we’ll be Within the cottage area engine power, Performance systems, and sufficient size which both top notch, family-oriented SUVs need to offer you. If you end up interested in the following advice, contact us now to schedule a try now.

We decided to kick things off with a peek in their cottages. Why? Who wants to induce an SUV in case you are only going to feel helpless? Fortunately, that type of thing won’t be an issue in this 2019 Toyota.

As an Example, the Highlander gives you along with your entrance Seat passenger using a lot more than enough comfortable distance, with the headroom that measures at 40.7 inches and legroom which concerns 44.2 inches. Front seat headroom from the Honda Pilot is 40.1 inches. Also, it just provides one 40.9 inches of legroom to work well with.

The Toyota Highlander additionally boasts Loads of space for your Other passengers to find comfortable. By way of instance, individuals back at the next row possess plenty of chances to curl up with 45.6 inches of the living room. Together with 44.6 inches, the third-row stylish room over from the 2019 Honda Pilot will not allow as much freedom.

2019 Toyota Highlander Today, we’ll proceed to some Glance in their Engine specifications and performance processes. Why? Who wants to induce an SUV in case it cannot only take you where you would like to proceed? Once more, that is no problem from the 2019 Highlander…perhaps not whatsoever. It’s able to accomplish an EPA-estimated 2 1 city MPG and 27 street MPG1! Within the Pilot, you are going to receive less in this respect, using an EPA-estimated 1 9 city MPG and 27 street MPG2.

The 2019 Toyota Highlander includes just two possible engines that Give you with a broad array of possibilities in regards to power. One other one which is available together with the Highlander could be your 3.5-liter v 6, 24-valve, guide search engine which produces a reliable 295 horsepower and 263 lb-ft of torque.

The one motor to your Honda Pilot is its regular V6 engine That offers you 280 horsepower combined side 262 lb-ft of torque. Does the Highlander produces more options and also a full horsepower scope, however, besides, it includes more power all around.

Additionally, the Toyota Highlander Offers You all the Following performance attributes:

Direct-Shift 8-Speed Automatic-transmission or Electronically Restricted CVT.

OnDemand AWD

A Number of the choices listed above can be found. Therefore we all Encourage one to achieve us out and determine that which Toyota was trimming levels we all now have in stock now.


Toyota Highlander Interior Entertainment Due to both of these Are therefore much like they justify a much closer look to return to all those gaps that matter substantially. Let us find out precisely what differences we will get, nevertheless.

The Total length for your Toyota Highlander steps at 192.5 inches, its elevation reaches at 68.1 inches. Also, it is 75.8 inches wide. Within the Honda Pilot, you’re secure 194.5 inches to the span, 69.8 inches to the elevation, and 78.6 inches of thickness.

These measurements are very telling, as they reveal the Highlander are the compact of those 2. This provides a definite advantage concerning steering and corning around those glossy in-town turns and curves.