U.S. Immigration Laws Provide Green Card Application Help

Green card is basically a permanent resident visa which allows the applicant to enjoy the benefit of U.S citizenship lawfully. Along with the right to live in USA, it also gives many privileges and rights to its holder. Lawful permanent resident of U.S enjoys all the privileges and benefits of the country other than voting and federal rights. If you want to enjoy the stay of living and working in the U.S without going through the costly renewal process of employment visa then green card is best for you.

Green Card application help

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Key benefits of holding the green card

  • After getting green card you are no more bound to stay at the same job if you don’t want, job switching option is given and also you can take 6 months leave and not work.
  • If you get laid off from the job, then you are not supposed to leave the country instantly. You can get 30 days time period to search for another job.
  • A new business or a side business can be started without the tension of getting visa status; you can start your business.
  • Visa renewal after2-3 years is not to be done with green card holder
  • Obtaining visa for visiting other countries of the world is not required when you have green card with you. It’s a great opportunity for all those who love travelling
  • you can easily sponsor relatives who want green card application help
  • Social security benefit after 10 years of working is given to the citizens holding green card

There are different green cards categories available that you can obtain for diverse purposes. You can take the guidance of immigration service provider, who can provide green card application help. Depending upon the individual situation, the procedure to apply for green card varies.