Matthew Hardy: Biography, Career, Relationships & Net Worth

Matthew Hardy, better known as Matt Hardy, is an accomplished American professional wrestler. He is presently signed with the renowned World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). Matt and his brother Jeff Hardy are better known as the Hardy Boyz or Hardys. During his childhood, he excelled at baseball and football.

Before signing with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), Hardys and pals founded the Organization of Modern Extreme Grappling Arts (OMEGA). His wrestling style, entertainment, and gimmicks have drawn millions of admirers. Matt has won numerous world tag team championships in wrestling alongside Jeff.

Matt has won 18 titles with wrestling federations, including WWF/WWE, ROH, and TNA. Throughout his wrestling career, he has won 44 championships. He’s also been in many TV commercials, shows, movies, causes, etc. Matt’s latest gimmick, ‘Broken Matt,’ creates ripples worldwide, especially among wrestling fans.


Matthew Hardy was born on September 23, 1974, in Cameron, North Carolina, and began his wrestling career in the late 1990s alongside his brother Jeff Hardy. The Hardy Boyz immediately became prominent in the WWE, winning many tag team championships and appearing in memorable matches like TLC (Tables, Ladders, and Chairs) and ladder matches.

Hardy also had a successful singles career, winning belts and feuding with well-known wrestlers like Edge and Randy Orton. Hardy has competed for several brands, including TNA/Impact Wrestling, Ring of Honor, and AEW.

Hardy, known for his high-flying and risk-taking approach, has established himself as one of the industry’s most resilient and original performers. In addition to his in-ring achievements, Hardy has dabbled in acting, music, and writing, broadening his creative horizons.

Despite personal and professional setbacks, including injuries and substance addiction troubles, Hardy has demonstrated resilience and determination, continuing to amuse and inspire fans worldwide with his passion for wrestling.

Matthew Hardy
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He and his brother Jeff practiced a few techniques and sent a tape to World Championship Wrestling (WCW) under the name ‘High Voltage.’ Matt signed with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) in 1998. The brothers invented the Ladder Match and established the Tables, Ladders, and Chairs contests in the history of WWE. Many of his moves were enjoyable to see.

His hallmark moves are side effects, turnbuckles, and many more. The Hardys have seven World Tag Team Championships together. Matt later competed as a single competitor in various other WWE titles.

In 2010 he left WWE and signed with Total Nonstop Action (TNA) in 2011. After a few months, it was revealed that he had been suspended from TNA. Matt then joined independent circuits and played numerous matches. He reunited with OMEGA in 2013 and with TNA in 2014.

Matt returned with the gimmick ‘Broken Matt,’ which has gotten a resounding welcome from wrestling fans worldwide.
Aside from wrestling, Matt has appeared in television advertisements and series such as The 70s Show, Scare Tactics, and Fear Factor, where he won the Fear Factor Championship.

Hardy is also a New York Times bestselling author, with his book “The Hardy Boyz: Exist 2 Inspire.” He works closely with numerous charitable groups and donates to various causes. He also appeared in the Hardy Show, a reality show developed, scripted, and produced by Hardy. He appeared in the 2013 film ‘Pro Wrestlers vs. Zombies.’


Most wrestling fans have heard of the friendship between Matt Hardy and Reby Sky. They have been married since 2013 and have four children together. Matt Hardy is one of the most recognizable wrestlers of all time. Reby, on the other hand, was a wrestler before retiring a decade ago.

Her last wrestling match was in Impact Wrestling, where she defeated Rosemary by disqualification. Reby Hardy, also known as Reby Sky, has already made headlines for her social media remarks, but this time is different since it directly concerns her husband, Matt Hardy.

Looking back at what the pair have stated online, especially Reby, it’s easy to assume that they’re experiencing some problems in their relationship, or at least that’s what has been intimated thus far.

Net Worth

Matt Hardy is an American professional wrestler with a net worth of $2.5 million. Matt Hardy is known for his tenure in WWE as one of The Hardy Boyz. Matt and his brother, Jeff Hardy, have won 21 world tag team championships in WWE, TNA, ROH, and other promotions. They are recognized for reviving tag team wrestling in the Attitude Era.

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