Kelly Baltazar: Wiki, Age, Career, Arrest, & More

Kelly Baltazar’s name has been trending on social media, but not for the reasons you might think. The Georgetown University student has been involved in some issues, including drug use and her father’s exposure to her sexual tapes.

Her story has become a cautionary tale for young people about the perils of sharing too much personal information on social media. The report has also aroused concerns about her personal life.

Kelly Baltazar Wiki

Kelly was charged with having 1.5 pounds of marijuana in her dorm room. She was also charged with intent to distribute when police discovered scales, baggies, and other tools required to weigh and package drugs. In 2018, she made headlines as a former Georgetown University student.

Her name has surfaced on various forums and social media sites, sparking controversy and debate.

Parents and age

She was born on June 19, 1992, and is named Kelly Jiayi Wang and Amelia Wang. She will be 30 in 2022. Kevin Baltazar is a Goldman Sachs vice president and his daughter. Due to complications from the coronavirus, Kevin went dead in 2020. Karen Y. Wang is the name of her mother.

Kevin Baltazar, a Goldman Sachs vice president, is Kelly’s father.
There aren’t many specifics on Kelly’s family on the internet, though. When Kelly was detained for drug possession, she was a freshman at Georgetown University.


Her short career in pornography under the name Mayli earned her a lot of attention as well. When his daughter began filming severe porn scenes days after turning 18, her father set out to remove all her footage from the internet.

Kelly Baltazar’s Arrest

According to Georgetown University police, Kelly was arrested on November 6, 2018, for possessing marijuana with intent to distribute. She was arrested in her dorm room with 17 grams of marijuana and other drug paraphernalia.

Kelly was released on bond and eventually entered a deferred prosecution agreement, which obliged her to conduct community service and prevent further arrests. After the arrangement was completed, the charges were ultimately withdrawn.

The Aftermath

Baltazar’s arrest received attention from various media sites and online forums, where her name has been widely debated. Her name was also referenced in a fundraising drive for the victims of a Woodbridge homicide when community people donated $10,880 to her cause. She has made some contentious and even abusive comments online.

Pornographic Past

Kelly was well known for her pornography career, but she also went by Mayani under the name Mayli. She began recording hardcore porn shoots just days after turning 18, and her father then went out to erase every video of her from the internet.

Kelly’s Controversies Christina Baltazar

Arrest For Drug Possession

Kelly was arrested in 2018 for possessing marijuana with intent to distribute. Kelly was a freshman at Georgetown University when the incident occurred. The circumstances of the incident are sketchy, but it is evident that Kelly was detained for cocaine possession.

Leaked Pornographic Videos

Kelly’s life turned out unexpectedly when her father leaked her sexual films online. Her father, a Vice President at Goldman Sachs with a net worth of about a hundred million dollars, purchased the rights to her pornographic recordings and used the DMCA to remove them from famous porn sites.

4chan Mentions

Kelly is frequently addressed on 4chan’s/r9k/ board. She’s even dubbed “the female Elliot Rodger” at times. Kelly’s name was mentioned on the board, notorious for its contentious and often offensive comments.

Hapas Subreddit

The Hapas subreddit is a community for mixed-race people, notably those of Asian and Caucasian descent. Kelly is frequently discussed on the subreddit, with some people referring to her as a “hapa porn star daughter.”

Thread for Kiwi Farms

The Kiwi Farms forum is notorious for its contentious content, particularly for harassing individuals and communities. It appears that Baltazar currently has a post on the platform where users discuss her family background, as well as her pornographic videos.

Interesting Facts

Some interesting facts about Kelly Baltazar may surprise you despite her success as a YouTube star. For example, she is frequently addressed on 4chan’s/r9k/ and is occasionally dubbed “the female Elliot Rodger.” However, it is crucial to remember that these references are only sometimes excellent or accurate images of her.


She has been the focus of controversy all her life, from her arrest for drug possession to her father publishing her pornographic films. Despite this, she has maintained a social media presence on sites such as Instagram and has been referenced on places such as 4chan and the Hapas subreddit.


Who is Kelly Christina Baltazar?

Kelly is an individual who gained significant attention online due to various controversies and personal challenges. She was once a student at Georgetown University.

What charges did Kelly face at Georgetown University?

In 2018, Kelly was charged with possessing approximately 1.5 pounds of marijuana found in her dorm room. She also faced charges for intent to distribute.

Did Kelly have any involvement in the adult film industry?

Yes, Kelly briefly ventured into the adult film world under the pseudonym "Mayli" shortly after turning 18.

How has the online community reacted to Kelly’s story?

Kelly's story has been extensively discussed across various online platforms, from media outlets to forums like 4chan and the Hapas subreddit. Some discussions have been supportive, while others have been controversial and invasive.

Were there any consequences to her arrest at Georgetown University?

Kelly was granted bail after her arrest. She later entered into a deferred prosecution agreement which required community service and her to maintain a clean record. Following the completion of these terms, the charges against her were dropped.

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