Sheena Bathory: Wiki, Age, Boyfriend, Career, Net Worth & More

Sheena Bathory is a new face of the Power Slap League and the first female fighter to be signed as an assistant coach. Slap fighting promotion company Power Slap is owned by Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) president Dana White.

On January 11, 2023, the show was supposed to debut. She has many accomplishments as a bodybuilder, pro wrestler, and reality star.

Sheena won after Kortney Olson got slapped off her feet and couldn’t get up after the colossal slap.

Sheena Bathory Wiki

The Power Slap League has hired Sheena as an assistant coach after she had to give up her stint as a contestant.

Her first video of slapping an opponent became viral on social media after she slapped her during the first episode of Power Slap League.

The Hungarian, who comes from a family of famous judokas, has practiced since five, acquiring a black belt. The “Hungary Hurricane” also won several judo competitions. Recently, the organization participated in an ” Exatlon ” program for extreme sports.


Sheena Bathory is an American actress and singer who was born in 1991. She is 32 years old. Her birthday is August 15, 1991.


The beast of a lady has fallen hopelessly in love with someone capable of beating up most regular guys. However, she has fallen hopelessly in love with this special somebody. The couple are still married, Bathory and Dominick Cardone Jr. They started dating in 2022. He is a bodybuilder, athlete, lifestyle coach, and Sheena’s boyfriend. Sheena and her partner seem to support one another’s professional endeavors and push each other forward.


Sheena is a professional judoka from Hungary and is a well-known bodybuilder and power slap assistant coach. Since there weren’t enough female competitors, she had to leave her brief run as a contender.

She has recently announced that she will be joining the Power Slap League as an assistant coach. Sheena also holds multiple judo championships.

Sheena Bathory is one of the world’s most famous female professional judokas, a power-slap assistant coach, and a bodybuilder.

Her first Power Slap League episode went viral after a video of her slapping an opponent into a forward roll went viral. Bathory has been practicing judo since she was five years old when she was part of a family of well-known judo fighters. She has become a black belt in judo in just a short period of time.

It has recently been announced that the Hungarian Hurricane will participate in the Exatlon extreme sports competition program later this month. Further, after achieving massive fame on the internet, her Instagram profile also garnered a huge following.

Sheena Bathory

Power Slap

Bathory was the European U23 champion in 2012 and competed at both the European and World Championships. She is one of the finest bodybuilders in the world and has a great interest in all forms of martial arts.

Sheena must have been able to win the Power Slap contest against Kortney Olson because of all the hard work and training she has put in all her life. Power Slap League, headed by UFC president Dana White, was officially launched on 18th January.

Kortney Olson was knocked out with her first slap by Sheena Bathory in a female lightweight fight. Kortney, who immediately fell to the ground, could not get back up after Sheena’s slap and did an accidental forward roll.

Net Worth

According to published reports, Sheena has a net worth of USD 2 million. Power slapping is her profession, and she earns money from it. The Bathorys live a luxurious lifestyle with their child and husband.


Who is Sheena Bathory?

Sheena is a renowned figure in the Power Slap League, a former bodybuilder, pro wrestler, reality star, and judoka hailing from Hungary.

How did Sheena gain popularity in the Power Slap League?

She gained immense attention after a video of her slapping an opponent during the first episode of the Power Slap League went viral on social media.

What other achievements does Sheena hold in her career?

Apart from her prowess in the Power Slap League, Sheena has been a European U23 champion, participated in both the European and World Championships in judo, and holds a black belt.

Is Sheena involved in any romantic relationships?

Yes, she is in a relationship with Dominick Cardone Jr., a bodybuilder, athlete, and lifestyle coach. The couple started dating in 2022 and are currently married.

What is Sheena’s estimated net worth?

As of the latest reports, Sheena Bathory's net worth is approximately USD 2 million.

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